Saturday, June 13, 2015

Extraordinary People

Ordinary people
have big TV's.
Extraordinary people
have big libraries. 

Robin Sharma

Monday, June 1, 2015

20 Years and Counting

Today began a blessed milestone in my life.  Today I began my 20th year of homeschooling.  It's so hard to believe that little boy who sat on my lap for stories so long ago is grown and gone.  My two boys at home are growing up before my eyes before I can grab the years and toss them to the wind. But that's the way of life.

We have shared so many memories over the years.  Trips we've taken, sights we've beheld...books we've read...  They've all woven themselves into the fabric of our lives to form us into individuals and bind us into family.

God has been so good to give us this opportunity to educate at home.  We are thankful and give Him the glory for everything we have learned for His Spirit is our teacher, after all.  Lord willing I will have seven more years of homeschooling.  I'm excited to see how much more we can learn.