The Library

Children's Legacy Library, located in the hills of East Tennessee, exists to serve area Christian homeschoolers and provide them with living books to enrich their studies in all subjects.  We currently have nearly 18,000 books (and growing) mostly out-of-print and written during the "golden age of children's literature" before 1970 in the subjects of history, biography, religion, science, geography, math, arts, fiction and picture books to make every subject come alive.

We also feature Five-in-a-Row totes each containing a main title as well as go-along books for each topic in the FIAR guide.  For example, The Story About Ping tote contains the main title as well as books on China, the Yangtzee River, ducks, bouyancy, drawing water, etc. 

Through membership in Children's Legacy Library, it really is possible to educate all your children without an expensive curriculum.  Children learn best and learn forever through living books by connecting facts to the story, thus making it meaningful and relevant.

The vision of Children's Legacy Library is to enable homeschool families to give their children the gift of living ideas through living books.  If you live in our area, contact us for policies and fees.  If you have questions about homeschooling your children through living books or maybe even starting a lending library of your own to bless those in your community, we would love to hear from you.


  1. GREAT...GREAT IDEA!! Beautiful, actually!

  2. Do you by any chance have a list of your FIAR bins and what's in them? I'm using FIAR right now, just started, but I don't live anywhere near you : ).

    1. Hi Rebecca. Have you checked my list of "libraries near you"? I know it's a long shot. There still aren't too many of us around but many new libraries are popping up and several are doing the bins. I have 79 bins, one for each title of B4 FIAR and Vols. 1-3 and each bin may have as many as 20 books. If you would like to email me, I could maybe give a couple of suggested go-alongs for what you are rowing.

    2. No, no libraries near me. Closest one is in CO about 6 hours from here.
      I do have a lot of books myself. I just wouldn't have though to put some of the books in that you mentioned for Ping. The duck books made sense but bouyancy wouldn't have entered my mind at all.
      That would be an awful lot of information to get from you though. Thanks for the offer to email. I may take you up on that if I get stuck on a certain book that we row.

    3. The easiest thing to do is look at the various topics Jane covers in the FIAR guide and see if you have a book to cover it. Since bouyancy was one of the science topics in Ping, I included a book on it. Hope that helps. Email if you get stuck.