Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vacation reads

Because we farm, we rarely get a vacation treat.  It usually only happens when the cows are dry which we strive to make happen in the winter.  Lord willing, we will be basking on the beach very soon.  In January??

So what do you do when you go to the beach in January?  READ, of course!  Here is a portion of my stash to keep me occupied.

Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry - Berry is a newly-discovered author for me.  I've had his books on my shelves for awile but have not taken the time to get to know his writings.  My loss.  Hannah Coulter is a wonderful fiction story which takes place in Berry's well-known town of Port William in rural Kentucky.  Full of wisdom, strength and gratitude, Hannah Coulter is fast becoming one of my favorite heroines.

The Art of the Commonplace by Wendell Berry - Berry is a proific writer of, not only fiction, but poetry and agrarian essays.  This volume is the latter.  From the back cover, Berry looks at why agriculture is becomming culturally irrelevant, and at what cost.  What are the forces of social disintegration, and how might they be reversed?  How might men and women live together in ways that are to the benefit of both?  How does the corporate takeover of social institutions and economic practices contribute to the destruction of human and natural environments?  Through his staunch support of local economies, his defense of farming communities, and his call for family integrity, Berry emerges as the champion of responsibilities and priorities that serve the health, vitality and happiness of the whole community of creation.

Of Other Worlds by C.S. Lewis - This is in preparation for an upcoming mid-winter reading conference I'm speaking at in February.  Very thought-provoking, especially the chapter entitled "On Three Ways of Writing for Children."  Other chapters include topics discussing fairy tales, science fiction, etc.

Towards a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason - This is in part as preparation for our next meeing and, in part, the wisdom contained there.

The Railway Children by E. Nesbit - I can't forget my children.  This is our current read-aloud.

Happy Jack by Thornton Burgess - We love Burgess!  These are short, delightful reads for us.  Perfect for a vacation.

In addition, I'm taking my iPad along to fill in with other essays and articles on reading and the culture as time allows.  

Lest you think I've forgotten, my Bible will also be tucked in.  I'm trying to read the Word through in a year for 2013.  I haven't done that in awhile and do not want to get a week behind!

We will spend time playing in the sand, as well as a favorite toss-the-shell game (and hope the seagulls don't steal our shells again!)  We'll talk and laugh and relax!  We're praying for a special time of refreshement.  Praying times of refreshing for all of you as well.  And if the Lord wills it, I will be back in a week or two.

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  1. I'm so jealous! Of your reading time, beach time...and I miss you doggone it! It will be one month since we've seen each other by. the time we meet again...

    Have fun and happy reading...remind me in my next season of life to meet Hannah Coulter.