Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Happy Birthday, Beverly Cleary!

I am joining the rest of the world in wishing Beverly Cleary a happy 100th birthday!

 I remember as a young girl receiving my copy of Ramona the Pest from the Scholastic flyers that went around our classroom each month.  Ramona Quimby was a girl much like myself.  I read that book so many times it became worn and tattered.  I still have that well-read book on a special shelf reserved for such treasures, my name childishly scrawled inside the cover.  I recall being so disappointed that my name didn't have a Q so that I could draw kitty cats from it!

As my boys have grown, they have all enjoyed many of her titles.  I think Mrs. Cleary must have remembered what it was to be a child because her books have been enjoyed by children for many decades.

Thank you, Beverly Cleary, for enriching our lives with fun, humor and adventure.

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