Friday, September 7, 2012

Children's Legacy Library ~ The History

When my oldest son was born 22 years ago, we had great plans for our little boy.  We spent long hours outdoors, playing games, and reading wonderful books.  Ping, Mike Mulligan, Peter Rabbit were all dear friends.  When this little boy began kindergarten, we were excited to learn more about the world around us.  I ordered our textbook/workbook curriculum and we set to work.  After six weeks, I realized there must be something else!  I remember thinking, "We're not doing this for the next thirteen years!!"

Somewhere I remembered reading about a new curriculum called Five in a Row.  I ordered it and we were delighted to find our old friends again!  This way of learning was so natural and enriching that we continued our learning with real living books.  I was dismayed at the books we were finding in our public library so I began collecting books in order to have these treasures on hand.

When my son was ten, I heard of a new history curriculum called TruthQuest History by Michelle Miller, owner of an incredible private lending library in Michigan, which combined biblical worldview study with living books.  After speaking with Michelle about my collection of books, she encouraged me to open a library of my own.  

Many life changes postponed our opening including the birth of another son and the adoption of third but we finally opened in June of 2008.  God has placed this vision in our hearts to share these books with the many children who enter our library.  

To God be the glory!

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