Monday, September 24, 2012

Special Blessings

One of the sweetest blessings of operating my library is getting to visit with the special children who come through my door.  Some bring flowers (usually picked from along my driveway.)  Others bring drawings which are hanging on my fridge and they all bring their glorious smiles and excitement for finding new treasures amongst the shelves.  One of my newest young patrons, 9-year-old Cara, chose to write about her first visit to the library for an English assigment.  I thought I'd share it with you.

My First Visit to Rogersville

Rogersville has many interesting places but the one we visited was the Children’s Legacy Library.  A living library is a library that is special because it collects old books.  As we were traveling there my mom and Mrs. Elizabeth reviewed the rules because some of the books have to be handled carefully.  Some of these books are no longer in print and cannot be replaced if damaged or lost.  I was excited and couldn’t wait to get there because I like books. 

I was amazed when we got there.  I didn’t know she lived on a farm.  We didn’t get to go into the main part of her home because the books are in her basement.  The librarian, Mrs. Robin Pack, reviewed the rules with us again to make sure we remembered them.  She also showed us where the different kinds of books are located.  And then I asked her for a particular series called The Happy Hollisters and I was thrilled because she had it!

We had to pay to borrow her books because she has to buy the books she collects.  Some of her books are expensive because they are old and out of print and hard to find.  I picked out twenty books to read.  Mrs. Robin had to type the books by name and author into the computer because she had not set up a scanning system yet.

After we visited the living library everyone was tired and hungry so we went to get lunch.  After lunch we walked around the block a little bit and then climbed back into the car and drove home.  I like Rogersville especially the living library, don’t you?

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  1. That is very sweet. My kids love going to Mrs. Pack's! Cara handled those intimidating rules well! ;)

    And we can relate...we are always tired and hungry when we leave the library...and we LOVE Rogersville, too! Such a sweet town!