Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hannah's Fancy Notions - A Review

Awhile back I invited young readers in the library to write reviews of favorite books.  I'm excited to share my first guest post.

by Pat Ross

I think this book is very good because it is filled with so much love, joy, and laughter that it fills my heart with warmth to read it.  Hannah's Fancy Notions is about a young girl (age 10) named Hannah who starts making band-boxes (a type of suitcase) for the working girls of Industrial New England.  She enlists the help of her family as the simple matter of making a band-box  for her working sister's birthday ends up being a full-time operation making band-boxes for everyone she knows and doesn't know!  (The band-boxes were originally made to substitute for poor looking bags that the working girls tried not to have people see.)  Let the warmth spill into your heart as you read this lovely, well-written book.

Note:  This book is part of the Once Upon America series.

Emily M., age 12 

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