Monday, August 15, 2016

After the Dancing Days ~ A Review

by Margaret I. Rostkowski

This book is set in 1918-1919, right after WWI.  It has 217 pages and 30 chapters.  Not difficult to read and honestly does not seem long enough when you get involved in it.  This book is not slow-moving and overall excellent.

When Annie's father, a doctor, returns home from the war, he decides to work at the hospital. Annie's mother tells her to stay away from the hospital, but Annie disobeys while her mother is on vacation and goes anyway.  While there, she becomes acquainted with a burn patient named Andrew who has become bitter and withdrawn.  When her mother returns, she gives Annie permission to continue to visit the hospital.  Annie helps Andrew realize that he can still find joy in a new life.  I would not recommend this book for children under 9.

Copyright 1986

Emily M., age 12

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